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Guide dog conspiracy

A retirement home for dogs in Eastbourne is the subject of a very bizarre murder investigation. The owners of the home became suspicious when three guide dogs were admitted in quick succession. All of the dog's owner's suffered tragic accidents, all extremely rich, obviously blind and their guide dogs were there sole beneficiaries. The three dogs and their respective owners were all members of the same contact group and it is thought that the bizarre murder plot was hatched here by the three dogs. However are dogs capable of hatching murder plots?

Detective Inspector Jack Russell, in charge of the investigation, consulted dog psychologists, Woof and Bark.

“Maybe because it is a dog's life. Pampered and spoilt they get used to wanting for nothing. Then, as their owners age, they become neglectful of their dogs and the dogs suffer. What's a dog to do if mealtimes are forgotten, their claws don't get manicured, their fur becomes untidy. These have obviously taking the matter into their own paws and found their solution, albeit very detrimental and obviously terminal to their owners.

A dog is primarily driven by instinct and can become Pavlovian in its response to stimuli. They are pack animals and presumably there is some communication within the pack. Maybe we underestimate the level of communication between dogs. Maybe they are more intelligent than they let on, playing a version of the 'daft laddie' for maximum benefit. If you're waited on hand and foot why make the effort. Why have an owner and do it yourself. The police have put a tail on some of the more 'well-off' guide dogs, in order to protect their owners and to observe any suspicious actions, such as walking too close to cliffs or walking too close to the road.

Inevitably it may be down to the general public to become casual dog watchers. Is that guide dog walking too close to the road? Should it have led its owner over the road when it did? If you see a guide dog behaving suspiciously, report it to the nearest policemen. You could save someone's life.